A short summary of the project: This project is in association with University of Bristol and Ascension Holdings to deliver OpenROV modifications such as the capability to Dive to deeper than the specified 100 m maximum. As well as to create payloads for characterising the marine environment.

The Expedition to Ascension Island to conduct research will be to provide Surveys of the surrounding waters on the atoll at various depths using the fleet of OpenROV.

We have a version 2.8, a 2.6/7/8 hybrid, a 2.6/8 hybrid and a version 2.6 modified with lipos batteries and rated for 300m. The camera RIG will be made and mobilised into a ROV of sorts for 1km

If you want to know more and are interest check below:
I have a website with blog at: https://jonnyteague.wordpress.com
I also tweet the work at: https://twitter.com/jonny_teague or #projectROVascension
and an Openexplorer page at: https://openexplorer.com/expedition/projectrovascension