Programming the beaglebone


So, I’m pretty new working with the openROV and I had a pretty beginner question. I am trying to program the openROV, but I am not sure where to go to actually program the beaglebone to have the arduino do what I want. Are there beginner threads I can look to which explain how to program the motors, and camera and everything on the openROV? If not, can anyone tell me how I can control the arduino through the beaglebone
I know how to program arduino pretty well, and I also know Linux and python, my issue is just where to look for the software which makes the openROV work.


Hey Jared,

I will have more coming soon but to get you started:
Arduino has a serial interface to the beaglebone. The arduino is linked to the motors and most of the sensors and so it translates the serial “API” in to the low level instructions. You can find more here:

The BeagleBone exposes a interface to the browser. The BeagleBone runs a local node.js webserver on top of Debian. The node.js does a lot of message handling between the browser’s calls the the Arduino’s serial “API”. It also controls the camera. You can take a look at the code here: