Programming of Arduino is not possible


Following the instructions everything seemed to be o.k.

Connecting to showed the picture of the camera. Hitting the buttons of the servo moved the camera correct. Moving the ROV forward, left and right was o.k. Moving backwards was not possible.Turning the lights on and off was right. Also dimming the light was possible.

After playing around (maybe I startet programming the arduino again and aborted it) the connection failed.

After a restart the browser couldn´t connect the BBB. Connecting the BBB directly made connection possible. The cockpit was visible, the picture of the camera too, but no buttons functioned. Reprogramming the arduino with the menue "settings" aborted with the message that the programmer of the arduino couldn´t be accessed.

What should I do next?

Best regards


857-Fehlerbericht.txt (23.5 KB)


You mention using a Beagle Bone Black. Can you confirm if you are using a cape or controllerboard based ROV? The software is trying to upload via serial which implies a cape, but most BBB users would tend to be controllerboard users. Can you also confirm the software you are using? Did you download the 2.5 beta stable?


I´m using a controllerboard. The Software is 2.5_05.


Hi Uwe,

Have you programmed the ESCs? The lack of backwards movement might suggest that the ESC are not setup correctly.

About the connection problems: Make sure you have got fully charged batteries and all the 3 LEDs on the topside homeplug adapter are on (the middle one is blinking when there is traffic over the line).

- Dominik