Problems with ESCs


I am able to program the ESCs only if it is receiving power from the homeplug adapter. After each time I change the value, I have to disconnect the power. Turning the switch on and off doesn't work.

After further inspection I realized that the values were not being saved and were reset to the original values.

What should I do?


Are you turning off all of the ESCs while programming one at a time? That is true about the homeplug adapter, without having that receiving power from the USB on the topside adapter the whole main board won't turn on.


So I turn on only the ESC I am programming and turn the others off?


Yes, you turn all off and do them one at a time, turning them off after each one is done. I believe if you turn one on then the others get power from it. The same applies to when you do the ESC calibration.


When I hold down the button the ESCs do not beep or flash. They used to work, but not now.


I think I'm having trouble calibrating the ESC's as well.

I followed all the procedures and everything seems to have gone well but I still have a problem with all 3 props engaging as soon as the power is applied.

I'm able to stop them under the Diagnostics section of cockpit by manually moving the sliders approximately .1. Should I need to do that though? After the calibration, shouldn't the props be in a neutral position when the power is applied?


That's strange, how did you calibrate the ESCs?


If they engage when power is applied that seems to be a sign that they were calibrated in the wrong order. The order the ESCs are laid out on the board doesn't match the way they are laid out on the UI for the calibration page. I did them in the wrong order yesterday on an ROV and had the same problem. You want to make sure when you do your 2nd ESC you are actually selecting the third option on the calibration UI. Let me know if that works! Watching which motor is twitching when you enter calibration mode on it can help too.

You should not have to move the sliders from 0 to keep the motors still.

The motors match to the ESC's as follows:

ESC Motor name Pads on 2.5 circuit board
1 Port J14
2 Vertical J15
3 Starboard J16

As far as nothing working(no beep or flash) that happened yesterday as well on the pink ROV and we just turned off all ESCs, unplugged the home plug adapter's USB cable, and restarted. Then everything worked ok.


Is there a delay when you turn on the ESC a second time for the second item?


During ESC programming or calibration? You should not turn off the ESC until after programming or calibration so I am not sure I understand what you are saying fully. You do have to hold the button longer to get into programming mode(hold it after before and after it turns on) compared to calibration mode(hold it before it turns on, then press it once, then set UI slider to 1, press button again, set UI bar to 0, press button again).


I watched the video on the wiki and it showed that after you change the value of one item you have to turn it off and on again to get to the next value. If this is not what I do, what should I do?


You are correct for programming, I was wrong.


So, what should I be doing? Still a little confused.


I would just follow the instructions on the wiki: or you can also use a programming card like this if you plan on using a lot of ESCs in the future and want to save some hassle. :


If you have a specific question I'd still like to help though! But if your question is what should I do the wiki is the best bet, doing the escs one at a time with the other ones off.


I haven't attempted calibration or programing, so my question may be premature, but since my ESC's are already soldered onto the board, and since the video shows power applied to the ESCs directly, without them being soldered in, I am wondering how I should apply power? perhaps by leaving them attached to the board, with the ROV powered up through the topside adapter (which presumably turns on the batteries and provides power to the ESCs)?


That must have been the problem. I redid the calibration as described and it seem to work fine now.