Problems updating to 31.0.0


I need some help with updating my OpenROV 2.8 to the latest version.

I download the file stated in the topic, unpack with Unarchiver (all is on mac), use the terminal for the image copying (following the dozuki guide). When I insert the SD card into the beagle bone and connect with the USB cable to power, the LEDs start flashing. The four LEDs continue to flash from side to side. The issue this never stops, i left it for hours with no success. I already redownloaded and recopied the file on the card.

How should i proceed with the update? Any others ways i could try (I was not able to update through the Dashboard).? Should i contact support about this?


The Dev Image is intended to run from the SD card

Just place card with image in BBB and try to connect to ROV.


I missed that point. I will reassemble the ROV then and try it again. Do I still need to update the Firmware to the Arduino?

If i want to use the image, do i leave the SD card in there forever?

Thank you so much for your help!



Yes, i think.

Pay attention at new connection method while trying.