Problems sending commands from browser


Hi all,

I have an OpenRov 2.8. I am following the “guide 5 - Finishing”. I am stuck in the step 78. I am able to connect to the ROV, displaying the live images, but I am not able to send commands. It seems like keyboard input is not working. I am using the recommended browser (Chrome) from Windows (I also tried Linux). Has anyone experimented a similar issue? I was not able to find a solution in the forums to this problem. Is there any way to debug this? Leds are blinkings. I do not know if this is normal…

I had also another problem when upgrading the firmware. The error is attached to this mail. I decided to skip it because the version currently installed in v30.0.3 and, as I read, is adequate. I wonder if my problem in step 78 could be because of this.



Is your firmware up to date, and is it the same version as your software? It is possible that your computer is actually sending commands but your ROV isn’t executing on them.