Problems Running the Lights and Servo


Hi All!

I am in the process of building my first OpenROV and am running into some problems. I am to the stage where I can connect to the ROV Cockpit, and see the webcam image live, but when I try to increase brightness of the LEDs or turn the servo, nothing happens (on the hardware, the graphical animations in the browser works). The telemetry also says 0V. I suspect my commands are not getting from the beaglebone to the arduino.

I uploaded the arduino sketch to the ATMEGA by removing the ATMEGA from the cape, inserting it into an Arduino UNO, and flashing the OpenROV.ino file that way, as recommended by some of the people in the forum.

I am powering off 12V into the cape. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!




Type checking the \var\log\openrov.log file for clues. The Video wont start unless the beagle's node process signals that the webcam is ready. If you have a red light in the lower left of the screen it re-enforces that the arduino is not listening communicating with the beagle.


Ok, thanks, I will try looking at the log tomorrow! I have no problems with the video - that works fine. I have a green light on the lower left of the screen, and it says "connected". The things I can't get to work are the LEDs and the servo control (and I am guessing the motors, although I haven't had a chance to hook those up yet.


Are you getting anything in the telemetry window on the lower right? If not, my guess is the Arduino is not connecting with the beagle. Perhaps the logs will help.