Problems on the final steps of the assembling



Once I ve assembled all the ROV I connected it to the computer and all was going well (I have already upload the firmware) until I try to prove the controlls neither O and P for the lights nor Q A Z for the servo works. I main, they are being change in the interface, but the robot doesn`t do anything.

Do you know why does this usually happen? I ve go over all the attachings and I thing where is no wrong, and I think thats very strange that anything work. Have I missed something?

very thankfull


First off do the Motors work?

Do you have all the data in the cockpit showing up on the right side.


I havent calibrate the motors yet. I was on step 83 of the guide so I haven`t arribe there yet, should I ve done it before?

I don't know why the orders the computer send doesn't reach the ROV (or maybe is the ROV who doesn't send the orders). :S

I can't put a screenshot now (because I m not in the computer of the ROV) but there is all the data in the right side, I think that's all right, anyway I'll go make a picture.


Here they are:

In the second one you can see that the camera goes correctly but in the third one I've theorically move the servo and I ve put the lights on but the robot is not doing it.

665-pantallaROV1.jpg (152 KB) 666-pantallaROV2.jpg (263 KB) 667-pantallaROV3.jpg (255 KB)


Hi Javier

It could be a few issues.

1. If the arduino code did not get uploaded properly then things will not work.

2. There are switches on the ESC's to turn them on, if they are all off then the motors will not work and also the camera servo will not work because it gets it's voltage from the ESC's.

If after turning on the ESC's you get Servo and Motor movement then go through the Calibrations as per the build instructions. Just turn one ESC on at a time when doing the Calibrations.

3. Calibrate the ESC's turning them on one at a time. Once Calibrated


thank you very much, it works perfectly now