Problems finding batteries


I am having a really hard time finding batteries for the OpenRov. Does anyone know where I can find the 3.7V 5000mAh TrustFire Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries in Canada? I realize that they are on Amazon but the US Amazon won't ship to us and the Canadian Amazon is going to take 30 days. We have students waiting to do their first dive so I would like to get them here as quickly as I can.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hello Jamie

Unfortunately, I do not know where in Canada one can get those batteries. However, I am travelling to New York next week and driving them back across the border will not be an issue.

If you could get em to me, eother shipped to my hotel or, from the friendly folks at ORov I would gladly ship them to you onve I am back in Canada next week.

Shoot me an email charles.laforge(at) and we can work out the logistics if you wish to pursue this. I too want to see your students get going on the project. :)


Jamie, I also reached out to a local company that supplies the Lithium batteries used in our robots at work to see if they can supply these. I will let you (and everyone) know if anything comes of that.

I can tell you from experience that bringing these things across borders is a real PITA; it was the reason we started sourcing locally instead of purchasing through our parent company in Ohio.


Thanks a lot Charles! We actually decided to buy the adapter and the new recommended batteries from the open Rov website. Just waiting for them to arrive now.


Ok Great! let me know how you make out with those and if there are any issues bringing them across the border.