Problems by updating from dashboard in 30.0.2. Corrupts the software image


2 or 3 times I’ve had connectivity problems with the openrov after finishing an successfully session, I mean no connection at all after a new re boot. Software image was corrupted. so I had to again open the main tube, and reload the software image. I found out the problem start by clicking the update button in the dashboard… Everything worked well, until I update from the dashboard, in the next re boot the system failed again. Anyone having the same issue ?


When you are reloading the software, are you flashing the onboard eeprom or do you leave in the SD card to run from the SD card?

There is a known issue where the filesystem we are using ended up being much more prone to corruption than the prior version. We suspect that running of the SD card is much more stable than flashing the eeprom on the beaglebone.

Needless to say, the next software revision does a lot to fix the corruption issues.


Thanks Badevguru for your reply, I did the process following the steps in the guide ‘Update Software Image From SD Card’ , but now other things happen. I can’t connect the rov after updating the firmware, here the description.
1 I can’t update by burning directly the latest software image 30.0.2. Once done the flashing process with the SD card, No connection with the rov. ( I had updated the new software image, months ago. I ran the rov without more problems that the known. .-blinking lights etc - )
2 Then I tried to burn image Connection with the rov was ok, but I can’t update firmware. Updating process is successful but in a new re boot, the connection is dead.
3 I’ve tried several times, with battery full charged even after flashing with 2.5.1 image, I was able to burnt 30.0.2 image and update successfully the firmware through the setting in the cockpit, but after disconnect the usb cable and re boot the connection with the rov doesn’t start.
What do you suggest to do ?


I think It is solved. I just applied the 30.0.2 image to the BBB with all connected without removing the BBB from the controller board and I could updated the firmware with the SD card inserted. Then removed the SD card and everything works ok. I’ve done several reboots and still working. Just in case, I won’t to go to click again in the refresh button in dashboard .


What does it mean ?
Failed to load dmp firmware -4
mpu_init failed with code -1

hdgd 67.88
deap -0.26
pitc 13.52
roll 2.44
yaw 67.88
fthr 0.00
motorAttached 1
servo 1300
starg 1300
fmem 3506.00
vout 9.23
iout 0.47
atmp 0.00
ver 35cc0b11a0f31475c402bd10429cfa99817d4330 -
cmpd Sep 21 2015, 16
cpuUsage 0.3908045977011494
time 114690.00
pres 989.40
temp 31.91
dlms 0|75131|69412|25213|16344|254365|54266|17157|22248|208649|603010|453611|3069
alps 2132
BRDT 45.09
SC1I 0.03
SC2I 0.02
SC3I 0.02
BRDI 0.58
BT1I 0.28
BT2I 0.38
BRDV 9.23
AVCC 5138
mtarg 1500,1500,1500
mtrmod -1.00,1.00,1.00,-2.00,2.00,2.00
log Init worked the second time
Compass sens 299 301 314
Failed to load dmp firmware -4
mpu_init failed with code -1
MS5803.status reset
Depth Calibration constants are
Depth.C0 0
Depth.C1 45210
Depth.C2 39414
Depth.C3 28744
Depth.C4 26844
Depth.C5 32363
Depth.C6 28760
Depth.C7 15
BNO055.Address 40
BNO055.IAM_160 255
BNO055.status failed
boot 1
rawcmd 9E,70,69,6E,67,28,30,29,3B,
crc pass
cmd ping(0)
CAPA 254
pong 1,115190
LIGP 0.00
LIGPE 0.00
motors 1500,1500,1500


Those are codes meaning the mpu9150 code was unable to initialize the IMU version 1.