Problem with xbox 360 wireless controller


hello friends,
I hope you can help me.
I bought the xbox 360 wireless gamepad and detects cockpit (the gamepad icon appears) but does not work, does not respond any command.

Chrome Versión 35.0.1916.114 m



I believe the wireless controller does not work when plugged in with USB, I have had the same issue.

Hoping to get a std. controller soon.



so any wired usb controller will work?


Tom, I used a wired controller and doesn´t work. finally change for a xbox, but doesn´t work either.


ok...well, hopefully someone in our community will come up with a solution ;)


According to a blog comment by Nils Jakobi, there is a software called motionjoy and better3ds that might be just the ticket. He mentioned at the begining of the last dev call ( that one of these can be used to make wireless ps3 and xbox contollers look like standard plugged in xbox controllers. Let us know if any of these help!


For wired controllers, please note this blog post.

Try upgrading your software to the latest 2.5RC3, and see if that fixes any issues you might have with wired controllers.



Thanks, but, i changed 2,5 rc1 in gamepad.js and doesn´t work the wireless xbox 360 controller


thanks, Brian, but I still with problem in my xbox 360 wireless controller, doesn´t work