Problem with beaglebone


Hello I can finally start building my ROV for the university and I have run down to one small problem

when I boot my BBB with out the microsd it books normaly. but when I have the microsd in the BBB it does not boot . its a 4gb kingstone microsd .. what can I do to fix it ???

I have seen on the internet that many people have this problem with their BBB but none has spoken of a solution


When you say the BBB does not boot, what are the LEDs doing.

 USER0 is the heartbeat indicator from the Linux kernel.
 USER1 turns on when the SD card is being accessed
 USER2 is an activity indicator. It turns on when the kernel is not in the idle loop.
 USER3 turns on when the onboard eMMC is being accessed.

Have you verified you can access the SD card from PC without any issue? If you are using a SD card that came with the early 2.3 KIT ROV, they tend to need to be re-imaged before they would work.


03 does not light up

but I have no idea what this means

also yeah it works on a pc .. but I did not got any microsd with mt kit ...


Well you should see the activity on the User 1 showing the SD card access. Just to get to a clean slate, I recommend reburning the 2.4 stable release that was posted last week.