Problem powering up 2.6 board


I am converting a 2.5 spec OpenROV into a 2.6 version.

I have the new 2.6 control board and BBB and am using the original versions of the Tenda homeplug adaptors on the ROV and in the Topside Adaptor.

I have soldered new headers onto the 2.6 board for the old style homeplug adaptor.

Currently I just have battery power and tether connected to the DB25 for bench testing.

While I have two green lights (the outside two) on the Topside Adaptor there is no sign of life from the homeplug on the ROV control board or the control board itself (or the BBB).

I am not getting any voltage across the tether wires and I believe the 2.6 board needs a 5v supply from the topside adaptor to turn everything on.

What are the differences between the 2.5 topside controller and the 2.6 version?



Hi Owen:

The topside adapters for 2.5 and 2.6 are functionally identical. They both put 5VDC onto the tether as a signal to turn the ROV on. The 2.6 topside box uses a small custom PC board to simplify the wiring and the assembly process.

If you are not measuring any DC voltage across the tether, then you need to look at your topside box. Go back to the Dozuki instructions for OROV 2.5 and make sure that everything on the topside box was put together properly.

You say you are converting a version 2.5 OROV. Did you mean 2.4 instead (the old Cape-based ROV)? The version 2.4 OROV had a Homeplug topside adapter box, but did not have power-switching, so it did not place DC voltage on the tether. You can modify the 2.4 topside box into a 2.5 one just by adding two wires. Again, go through the Dozuki instructions for OROV 2.5 and make sure your topside box was assembled correctly. When it is connected to your laptop with a USB cable, it should be putting 5VDC onto the tether.



Thanks Walt,

It must be version 2.4 I've got, the one from the kickstarter.

I did a bench test and sending 5v down the tether made everything work. Thanks for the heads up on the 2.5 version of the topside adaptor.