Problem of installing Cloud9


i want to install a cloud9 on my own laptop,my ubuntu version is 14.04kylin,my node version is v0.10.37,my npm version is 3.5.1,when i install the cloud9,it break and show "path.existsSync is now called fs.existsSync".i can not install anyone else have installed the cloud9 in your laptop?who can tell me how to install a cloud9 correctly?


I’m on Ubuntu 14.04 and I just built it from source.


git clone



Now to start the server for the IDE, run:

node server.js -p 8080 -a :

To access the IDE in your browser, visit

It will probably be most convenient for you to add that last command to your /etc/rc.local file so that the server starts when your machine boots and you don’t need to manually start the server via command line.