Problem calibrating the ESC


I ve restarted the assembling of my ROV after a long period (the only thing remaining to complete the unite was calibrating the ESCs). When I went through the proccess everything seemed to work properly but then I realised that there is something wrong with the movement of the left slider. It's seem to stop periodically every second making a non continuous movement of that slider. Another thing I dont know if its normal is that when i turn on either of the ESCs all the motors start to move at the same time.

What should I do? Could I reestart from the calibration of the motors or should I reset the ESCs to their default values and reestart the programming of the ESCs and the calibration of the motors? and, if so... how could I do that?

Thank you for any help you can offer me!



Go through the programming of the ESC's again. Do this with the 3 pin connectors disconnected from the control board.Once you know that they are properly programmed then move on to the calibration. Do the esc calibrations one at a time with the other two esc's disconnected from the control board, once one is done disconnect it from the control board then move on to the next. reconnect all three esc's once done and see how it behaves.


I m trying but when i go through the second ESC its motor moves when I switch on the controller, even if I do it while I m holding the reset boton so it is very difficult to hear the beep and to see in which point it is and I don't know how could I stop the slide.

Thank you!


When you are programming the esc, are you saying that the motor spins when it is disconnected from the control board?

The motor should not spin if it is disconnected from the control board unless there is an issue with the ESC. when programming, all esc's can be disconnected from the control board.

or is it spinning when it is connected to the controller and you are trying the calibrate it ?

it may spin until you get the calibration done


I programmed the ESCs sometime ago and when I ve returned home I ve done de calibration of the motors, but I thing there should have been some issue because now when I turn on a single ESC with the other ones turn off there is a motor (right one) that always start to move, doesnt matter which of the ESCs I turn on. So to fix it I m trying to redo the programming and the calibration from the beggining, but I cant programme the ESC of that motor because it's moving. Sorry if I didn't express myself well, hope you understand my problem.

Thank you!