Problem building the OpenROV image using Virtualbox and Vagrant


Got most of the script running but still having some mounting issues and missing directory files errors. Can someone take a look and see what I am missing?

See my Vamfun blog post Note 6 BBB: Creating OPENROV image with Virtualbox (problems still)




Ok...seems folks haven't replied for a while so let me ask things in another way. When I get to the step where we use I want to make sure that I have Ubuntu updated with the proper packages.

How to build?

Once you have all what you need (node, cross compilers) you can run:

 ./ ../<PATH TO>/ubuntu-saucy-console-armhf-2013-07-22.tar.xz 

This is a script that I run to update Ubuntu with "node, cross compilers" that are casually mentioned.


echo "updating ubuntu with nodejs,crosscompilers ,git,qemu-static etc"

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install -y dosfstools git-core kpartx u-boot-tools wget

sudo apt-get install -y nodejs nodejs-dev npm

sudo apt-get install -y debootstrap qemu-user-static qemu-system git

sudo apt-get install -y g++-4.6-arm-linux-gnueabihf

Anything missing or need to be changed??

Thanks Chris


Hey Chris,

Quick 2 second response: I've been away from the image management for a bit. The version of the image where we had the vagrant install seemed to either work or not, and it was a dependency between the version of virtualbox and vagrant. I have not checked to see if that has been fixed or not (had to use an older version of virtual box). Sorry if you have already covered this possibility in the other thread.


When the image didn't work, was there an apparent problem with vagrant/virtual box operation before you got into the routine? I am able to get through the but seems that the initial image mount is not getting the proper file structure for further installations of node etc. Seems to be missing a root/temp in the chroot directory.

Can someone post the a windows 7 cmd line and a putty ssh printout that occurs when a valid image is produced. It would help me diagonose where the problem is occuring. Thanks


Hi,Chris,have you solve your problem ?