Pro camera: no video



I have no video at all with my OpenROV 2.8 and pro camera (which used to work reliably). I updated to 31.0.0, I can ping the ROV fine, and ssh into it. Everything else seems to work. When I display the video stats, I see 0 fps and true Video paused? When I do scan for cameras in Mjpeg, I see nothing. I’ve tried plugging a different webcam into the board, with the same result. Is there some process that I need to restart?

Has anyone else had a similar problem, and been able to resolve it?


I think it’s fixed now. Turning on wifi and using DHCP instead of a static IP address, I got the firmware flashed, and video was working. It didn’t work again after a reboot until I cleared out the Chrome cache. I should have read more of this thread first:

Hoping it works in the field without wifi.