Pro camera-HD upgrade video segments timestamp




We are currently working with the recorded telemetry data and are hoping to match the information up with the video for scientific analysis.

We’re currently using VideoCapture::get in OpenCV2 to get the current position in the video file in milliseconds, and matching this up with the difference from the first timestamp in the telemetry file. However, that only works for the first video segment.

Does anybody know if there are any time stamp information in the video segments after the first one that will make it easy to match up with the telemetry data? If not, we could probably join the segments back together first.

Thank you in advance,



Hello Fiona.

Were you able to solve your issue with a software update?

Tell us more about what you’re up to! Sounds like you have an interesting project going on…



Hi Zack,

We haven’t been able to find the timestamp info for the consecutive segments, so we just joined all the video segments together and matched it up with the telemetry data.

Our project involves taking video transects of the dock walls in the Liverpool Docks (England) to investigate the distribution of organisms, so knowing the depths at which interesting things are occurring really helps!



Hi Fiona,

I was wondering what you’re using to match / sync the video with the telemetry data and displaying it.

I’ve been trying Garmin’s free VIRB Edit software to sync a video with a GPS gpx track displayed on a map. It then allows selection of overlay templates, or defining (drag and drop) your own on screen display from their gauges, graphs, to display track data.

Then in the Exported gpx, it looks like custom extensions have been defined to be used with the GPX 1.1 schema to recognize Garmin defined data from their wearables. Maybe a schema could be defined for a user’s OpenROV custom sensor data?

Also, I saw a post that had some reservations with the reliability of the OpenCV VideoCapture::get that might interest you.