Printable Pre- and Post-Dive Checklists


Hi all,

Just finished my OpenROV 2.7 build yesterday and it passed a test in the bathtub. Before testing in open water I wanted to make an easy-to-follow checklist for pre- and post-dives that can either be printed and put in a binder or laminated for a re-usable version.

Using information in the Operator’s Manual, I built 2 checklists in OneNote (because making lists in it is super easy), a pre-dive and post-dive list, both which are categorized by component or process.

I get easily distracted, so having a more concise hardcopy list that I can check off as I go is going to be a huge help for me! I thought it might be useful to others here in the community so I have attached it as a PDF. Feedback on improving the list is welcome!

Latest version:
V2.0 - Clarified that the straps need to be tightened when wet and added some “critical” and “important” tags to items.
OpenROV Checklists V2.0.pdf (351.7 KB)


Very cool! I put together something similar for the workshops I run with the 2.7: OpenROV Deployment Quick Guide.


I would suggest adding to the pre-dive checklists that the nylon straps should be well-soaked when securing them (they expand in water so securing them when dry is not advised). Learned this on our first pool test run last week when water leaked into the E-tube and realized the problem thanks to a forum reply. I think it would help a ton to see this in more guides and checklists!


@Andrew_David_Thaler Awesome! I just know I’ll need something with checkboxes, especially if I’m prepping for a dive more than one day in advance. I haven’t decided if I want to print out a bunch to keep a dive log of sorts, or just make a reusable one (to perhaps keep in or around whatever I end up storing the ROV in).

@fhannan Thanks for the feedback! Under “Before Dive, Wet ROV” on the Pre-Dive Checklist, I do have Tighten Straps as a to-do item which was meant to be tighten the straps once they’re wet, but I see that it’s not so clear. I was/am a diver, so getting tank straps wet and re-tightening was always an important thing. Once I forgot to do it and my tank slipped out during the dive!

I have edited my original post with a new version of the checklist.