Preview the BlueRobotics T100 Thruster Kickstarter!


Hello everyone,

My name is Rusty and I am from BlueRobotics. We've spent the last nine months developing an underwater thruster for marine robotics that is high-performing, resistant to saltwater, and affordable for hobbyists. Today we're announcing our Kickstarter campaign! You can preview the campaign at the following link and offer feedback.

The T100 Thruster Kickstarter will go live on August 12th, 2014 at 8:30am Pacific.

We've been really inspired by the work and community of OpenROV. The Kickstarter campaign includes a reward level for an OpenROV Compatible Thruster Kit. It includes two normal thrusters and one that's been modified for use as the vertical thruster on the OpenROV. The kit is easy to retrofit on a finished OpenROV or while assembling a kit!

The thrusters have over 5 lb of thrust, significantly increasing what's currently available on the OpenROV. They also have great low-thrust performance for gentle maneuvering.

I hope you will check it out and back us! Please let us know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions. You can do so here, on the feedback form at the top of the preview page, or email us at


- Rusty, Joe, and Josh from BlueRobotics

Also visit us at!


Whoops, I posted this too under Propulsion.


Looking good - excited to see how it goes.


Looks cool... just that at 99USD per thruster (and 300USD for the whole OpenROV replacement kit) looks kind of expensive (compared to the 100USD for the 3 brushless+propellers) of the OpenROV standard kit



It's true they are more expensive than the current motors, but there are a lot of benefits: almost double the thrust, saltwater resistance, higher efficiency. The thrusters have equivalent performance to high-end commercial thrusters like those from Seabotix or Tecnadyne but are a fraction of the price ($99 vs $750-3000).

Thanks for checking it out!



For those watching this thread, the T100 Thruster Kickstarter campaign is live now! We'd really appreciate your backing, OpenROV'ers!




It seems you are up to something big. A great alternative to OpenROV for the same price. :) Just ordered the OpenROV compatible kit. I believe what you are doing is just the beginning.


An idea that's long overdue IMO. Up 'til now it's been crust crawler thrusters or build your own. Good luck with your project. Any data on how well they hold up in salt water (MTBF)? Any tests in dirty water to see if debris is an issue?