Pressure Calculations


Years ago (before my time), my company developed some software for calculating implosion pressure on various shapes and material objects. Our owner recently decided to make it free for all to use as a way to give back to the oceanographic community.

Under Pressure:

The manual has a lot of artifacts from previous versions.

This web ap helps with camera calcs.

Sorry I cant help with any support on this.

Before posting any complaints about it, remember it is free...

Hope someone can make use of it!


Manufacturing a shell for deep dives at 1000m+

Thx John for the links and software.



This is great- thank you very much! I'm having some technical issues installing the program directly, but when I do, I'd like to calculate the maximum depth for a 4in OD by 7" long cast acrylic tube with 1/8" thick walls that is reinforced by end caps on both sides. This is exactly the tool I needed!



Sorry I cant be much help. I'm just an engineering geek, not an IT geek. I just got a windows 7 machine at work and it is giving me fits getting it to install. I think it is the permissions. Make sure you do the install as admin. Also, I think you need to run it as admin. Wish I had my xp box back. It works on windows 7 stand alones, something wigs out in a network environment. If I figure it out I'll post some notes.

The parameters for acrylic are in the database. I would check all the numbers. The help file is very good at describing how everything is calculated and such. Just doesnt help much on getting it up and running. Most of the help file is based on an older version.

Good luck,

Let me know if you cant get it up and running.


Hi John. Thank you for posting the calculator. I recieved a few errors and the program crashed as soon as it loaded up. I believe it has to do with missing VB6 dll files. VB6 is pretty old.

If the owner would be willing to share the source code I would be happy to make an ASP.NET or SilverLight Calculator for you. The VB6 code would need to be modified a bit to make it VB.NET... but this isn't too big a deal.



Not sure if this has been posted anywhere else but;

Also include instructions for "Compensating Alkaline Batteries for High Pressure Use"


Thanks for posting that!


Thank you very much John. This is app was very useful. We have the long cast acrylic tube 6" and it says the max depth is 9.8 m. Very good app and I would like to share the new link because yours isn't working anymore. It was updated to: