Pre-dive Planning Checklist



In the aviation and military world you typically don't just 'get in the vehicle and go' like you would with a car. There's a detailed set of checks and procedures (normally strapped to your leg in a plastic binder) that you go through prior to taking off for the flight/mission. This helps you ensure that you aren't forgetting something to check first, ie "Emergence Brake Off".

It would be nice to have the OpenROV project had some sort of pre-deploy checklist so that people don't put their ROV in the water without first going through some standard checklist steps.


  1. Test batteries: Ensure that you are getting 12V at Xamps by doing blah blah.....
  2. Check water seal: Prior to every dive check seals by doing X,Y,Z ...
  3. Power up ROV
  4. Check socket communication: Check!
  5. Lights: Check
  6. Vertical thruster forward: Check
  7. Vertical thruster reverse: Check
  8. Video: check
  9. Tilt video vertical up: Check!
  10. Tilt video vertical down: Check!
  11. etc....

Maybe this is place on the OpenROV wiki is where this will eventually go, . If so, could it be updated prior to the ROVs being shipped out?

Checklist Reference:


I'm really glad you posted this. YES. That's exactly why we put the deployment section on the wiki. We've been busy with manufacturing and adding documentation for the build, that I hadn't gotten there yet.

But it's critical. Especially checking the seal for the electronics housing. Also, adding silicon spray to the motors.

I think we'll need a post-dive checklist as well.

I think your list is a good start. Can you post that to the wiki and we can edit from there?


I updated the deployment section wiki and added pre and post dive sections.