Power Adapter for Testing


I'm getting the electronics running while I wait on some of the body parts. I am looking to pick up a cheap power adapter to run the ROV while I do testing and add some customization. Has anybody done this? I know the Cape takes a 12V input, but not knowing much about electrical engineering I am afraid of frying things if I get the amperage wrong. What kind of amp range is safe/necessary?


amperage is what is consumed, so depending on what/how much youre powering up, gives how many amps your powersupply needs to provide.

if youre not running the motors in water or with big props in air, i would guess you could be ok with a 2-3Amp adapter.

cheap and powerfull way:

A standard ATX computer power supply can be used as a powerfull 12V power source. you can happlily power youre whole rov with one of these.

to turn on the powersupply, put a small wire between the green and one of the black wires on the big 20/24pin connector, that usually goes to the mainboard.

on the 4-pin molex connectors(that usually goes to cd-drives and etc) youll have +12V on the yellow wire, and ground on the black wires. the red is +5V


Thanks, that's a really easy fix and heaven knows there are plenty of those supplies lying around!