Potting motors


I have not yet started to build my OpenROV 2.6. However, I have examined the components and the build instructions as well as some of the forums. I have read the forums concerning potting the brushless motors with epoxy. The techniques described appear to involve making some sort of form around the windings and then pouring/injecting epoxy in to fill the space between the windings, thus encasing the windings with epoxy. After the epoxy hardens the form is removed and the excess epoxy is sanded, filed, or scraped off. My question is this... "Why not simply brush epoxy onto the winding wire to cover and seal it?" Is there a need to fill in all the space in the area of the windings? Has anyone tried this yet? This would eliminate the need for constructing a form, the need for sanding, filing or scraping the excess, etc...


Ron sends


I use spray enamel, seems to work fine. Only had to sand when I did 7 coats, but also the 7 coats one has held up the best thus far.