Potential Alternative Electronics: Lower Cost, more room?


The Udoo is like the beagle bone except it includes an onboard Arduino Duo board and even more digital/analogue GPIO ports. There is an Arduino compatible R3 1.0 pinout as well.

Potential Benefits:

1. Cheaper

2. Integrated Arduino Due board and header.

3. Addon's include an inexpensive 1080p camera connection

4. More room? (I haven't looked at the size specifications yet, but it would make our 3 tier board stack a single low profile board.) - maybe move that DP-25 pin connector somewhere it fits better.

5. Could make a low cost power control solder board without CPU, just to organize everything.

Our Current Package:

OpenROV Controller Board + BeagleBoneBlack + Webcam = $218.99

120 + 45 + 53.99 = $218.99

Example package:

1. Udoo basic+ camera board (1080p) + Adafruit Motor Shield (Arduino)= 99 + 39 + 19.95 = $157.95

- the motor shield can run 4 bi-directional DC motors at 1.2A each 3A peak; more than our current use

- in addition it controls 2 servos without jitter

* comparison of Udoo with beaglebone and raspberry pi

2. Udoo Duo (dual core) + all above = $173.95 ($45 dollar savings)