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Hopefully I can post with Firefox. I was wondering if you could post the code used for ROV1. I am currently planning to build a ROV with a somewhat similar design as ROV1 over the summer when school is out.I already have designed my ROV and I have most of the electronics figured out, but I'm really stuck on coding. Unfortunately I have no programming experience, besides very basic HTML, but luckily that will change next year when I take my first programming course :) Another question, what is that clear tube called, and where did you get it?

Thanks in advance



I designed the hull in Inventor. This hull has the minimum amount of holes for wires, 1, which is for the tether. The motors operate from the inside of the hull thanks to magnetic couplers. To waterproof the tether, I am going to use a garden hose. It can screw in and make it watertight, and the hose itself is light, flexible, and cheap. Perfect for a tether. The only hard part is running the wires through the hose, but it can be done…:stuck_out_tongue:



I'll try to post the code I used for ROV-1 in the next few days (there are two separate bits of code- some that goes on the onboard Arduino, and some that runs on the computer you're using to talk to the Arduino from the surface).

The clear tube is cast acrylic which can be bought from a website like McMaster-Carr. Here's a link to the 2.5 OD tube I used:

Make sure you get CAST acrylic- not extruded- as extruded tends to have wavy lines running along its length as a result of the extrusian process which interferes with optical clarity. I plan to release the initial design for the second ROV I've been working on soon, and you may find that that design is easier to build and has greater capabilities.

I think it's really great that you're planning to do this project. Please keep us posted here on OpenROV with your progress, and don't hesitate to ask questions when they come up. You're the kind of person this website is all about!



I just scrolled down and saw your CAD design- nice job! How do you plan to make the part shown? Also, you may not even need the garden hose for your tether. Most electrical wires have sufficient insulation to keep water from leaking in, and you can have the tether pass into the dry part of your ROV by using a potted pass through (see the "potted pass through" page on the design forum under "water/pressure proofing". Here's a link:

Hope this helps.

Keep up the good work!



I plan on make the part shown by vacuum forming. I'll make the mold out of some scrap wood or something similar. Thanks for the link to the potted pass through, as this solves one of the other problems I had for the manipulator. I plan on using syringes to create a hydraulic effect. I hope they have sufficient force though.

I have a update on my CAD drawing, but I have had problems creating curved PVC. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to create curved PVC?

I made the cover green to make it visible. You can see a blue piece inside as well. This is a board i plan to mount the electronics on. It is easily accessible, removable, and replaceable in case i ever need to make modifications to the electronics (which I will)



I just created a web page dedicated to software used for the ROVs.

I hope you find it useful!


After doing much research I have decided to abandon these ROV designs and go with a modified design of the "New Design." I am also going to make a new discussion not titles "Posting with Firefox" as well. Feel free to delete this discussion if you want.