Post dive cleaning


Any recommendations for cleaning and lubricating the central propeller after a dive?

Got some great footage in south Florida this weekend - still need to learn to drive :slight_smile:


That video is really nice! What depth?

For post dive maintenance see here:

The central prop should get the same treatment as the rear ones on Trident.


Unsolicited piloting tip :grin: : Make sure to stay well off the bottom and clear of structures as many of those sponges and corals can get easily damaged by Trident or tether (or anything for that matter).

Often I have found the best practice is to approach ledges / structures from the deep edge and run along them rather than try to dive from shallow to deep. Once clear of the ledge you can drive upwards a while and then re-target on the bottom.


Zack - it was about 50ft.

You are right about the keeping away from the corals and fans as a diver it’s a common thought. I found that while driving distance from bottom is hard to determine, will come with practice.

In this case it was also particularly hard because I was piloting the trident, looking after the tether and driving the boat all at the same time - lesson learned is more help needed with each dive :slight_smile:

Out of interest I have the hdmi output coming out of the controller and going into the back of my 12” fishfinder screen so all the folks on the boat can see what’s going on - lots of “orders” being barked from the wife and kids hehehe.


Oh that’s so rad! 50 ft is definitely not trivial in openwater and freeboating (not mooring or anchoring to anything) is really tricky. I’ve found that backing the boat up into the direction of the wind/swell but alongside the tether while someone reels in the extra is a good way to keep on top of the Trident and minimize tether drag…but you’re totally right that the tether and boat driving are more complex than piloting Trident.

Which fishfinder screen are you using? A lot of folks would probably want to do this too if it helps see the dive in the sunlight.


I have a Lowrance hds12 with optional video in cable - it only takes composite video in so I have an adapter on the end of an 8ft mini hdmi cable - I’ll take some pictures of the setup…