Possible to explore a well?


A friend of mine has an old oil well on their property. County records show it was abandoned and supposedly capped 50+ years ago, but walking by today you encounter a 24" diameter open hole, filled with (apparently clean) water. Don’t know how deep it goes. Just out of curiosity- would OpenROV or something like it work to have a look at what’s down there?


I suppose you could drop an OpenROV in there, but what you’re basically doing is using it as a drop camera. You won’t really be able to maneuver around much in a hole that small.

Interesting enough, one of the design criteria for Trident is that it needed to be able to go down a similar hole. Both Eric and Colin have done research in Antarctica, and it’s common practice to lower instruments through a hole drilled in the ice. IIRC, the “Jiffy Drill” that they use is 10" in diameter.



Thanks for the reply! I didn’t know the name for it but yes, I guess what I had in mind was really a “drop camera” as it would only go straight down and up, not sideways. It’s more of a theoretical question at this point; the site is a long way away and I’m not sure when I’ll be back in that area to have a look.