Possibility of transmitting depth sensor readings?



Currently I am working on a ballast system that requires depth sensor readings from the IMU. I have a raspberry pi streaming the video/other packets to a laptop so the OpenRov(2.6) can be controlled wirelessly. Is it possible to download the depth sensor readings in real time directly to the raspberry pi (perhaps to a text file) so that I can manipulate the readings and input them into our ballast system?

Thanks for your time!


As an update to this query…

I found the code in the BBB responsible for printing the depth sensor data to the browser. The file NDataManager.cpp in the directory /opt/openrov/arduino/OpenROV takes the value m_navData.DEEP in order to print it. Now i’m just trying to wrap my head around how to get that value forwarded to the raspberry Pi as the input to my Pi script. If anyone has suggestions id be very appreciative.