Possibility of capturing/saving video using Raspberry Pi?



Currently I have an OpenROV 2.6 with the ethernet plug connected to a raspberry pi, and the pi forwards all packets wirelessly to a laptop. I was wondering how feasible it would be to capture the video stream onto an SD card on the pi, as I know doing so on the BBB would cause crashes/slowdowns since compression is very CPU intensive. Currently I am capturing a video stream using VLC laptop side, but I wanted to capture the video before it streamed to the laptop in the case of cutouts/dropped packets. Thanks for the help!

T. Hua


I’ve accomplished this without problems. However I used a raspberry pi on both the transmitting and receiving ends, with the raspberry pi camera (and not some generic USB webcam). What I did was pipe the video feed from raspivid through gstreamer. The ROV would host a server, and optionally save the video to disk at the same time. The tether-side raspberry pi would attempt to set up a client connected to the ROV, and simply display the received feed. Delay was unnoticeable in the video feed. I’m sure storage of the live video feed can be moved to the receiving unit, although I had a specific reason for not doing so, which I no longer remember.

If you want, I can go through my notes and provide some more information. I plan on doing a write-up some time soon anyway, and releasing the source code open source. Until then you can watch the video I just posted in another thread to see how it behaves:


Thank you very much for the help! I will look through your video and attempt a similar solution tomorrow.


I just finished writing an article about the project on my website, with all source code available for download. You can find it here:



Thank you for sharing your great write-up! It is so awesome to see people working on projects like this and sharing it back to the community.