Port Motor is slow


Hi All,

I have a 2.7 that has been sitting for a few months after completing 3 dives. After each dive it was rinsed in fresh water and all motors were hit with some of the silicone wd 40 product that was suggested. After applying the most recent firmware update I decided to just check and see how all the motors were running and noticed the port side was always a little slower than the others, there was nothing touching the housing. Additionally if I manually spin the motors the port is harder to spin? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, or links for ordering a new motor if that is what needs to happen.

Thank you,


The motor could have some corrosion in the bearing that you are not able to see. If one motor is a little stiffer, it is not necessarily the end of its life. If you run the ROV in the water it might turn out not to be an issue at all since the water resistance evens out the differences between the motors.

I would recommend getting another set of motors (and you can replace it now) or just to have as a spare in case the motor does freeze up and stop working. You can purchase these on our store.