Polymer ball bearing application


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I am currently working on an underwater submersible project for my school and was wondering how I could incorporate polymer ball bearings for the thrusters, ballast tank pumps , robotic arms and for the torque sensors since polymer ball bearings have self lubrication properties and handle sea water better than stainless steel bearings its my hypothesis that they should have longer life cycles but was wondering the exact place I could install them and how would it look like

Well, i’ve heard of people replacing the SS bearings in the thruster brushless motors with Ceramic bearings. If you have a source for bearings made of polymer, go for it. The only issue might be one of hardness. Ceramic and SS are pretty hard, i dunno how well polymer would hold up.
As far as bearings in the servos, i just plumb some small aquarium tubing from a resivoir to all my servos then force mineral oil into the servos, which keeps the water from working inside them. Each time the ROV surfaces i pump a bit more fresh mineral oil into the resivoir, flushing the servos.