Pollution Sensors for openROV version 2.8


Hello everyone!

I’m currently a sophomore and doing research at my high school on mapping underwater pollution. I have been building the openROV version 2.8, and have been trying to comopile a list of sensors I could possibly use for detecting and mapping pollution in the local Hackensack river. I have already come across a company called Libelium which sells a smart water sensor board (http://www.libelium.com/smart-water-sensors-to-monitor-water-quality-in-rivers-lakes-and-the-sea/) which can be used to essentially plug in and out sensors. I have been hoping to keep that idea, however the actual sensors the company sells are not ones that I need. I’m looking mainly for lead, benzene, PCBs, VOCs, PAHs, Mercury, and Chromiom. Does anyone know of existing sensors that could work with the openROV 2.8?

Thank you!