[PLUGIN] StableRotation


Here is a small plugin that stabilizes the camera's rotation.
It uses the the IMU module for the orientation.

I haven't test flight it yet, so I do not know how the feeling is underwater. Maybe it reduces the dissorientation?

Here is the repository:


And here is a video demo:



This is awesome Joakim!!


Quite a good and useful job Joakim :-)

Thanks ....


How cool is this!


really cool!


Great work!



the cockpit you are using in your video looks very good.

Is it the newest software - or did you program it yourself?

will it be available for the community?



It is a custom version that only I drive.

There is a very minimal GUI that uses as much as possible to display the camera. To release this publicly, there must be a setting of showing a gray background behind the text for those who have probem to read in low contrast, and display the telemetry.

Maybe an option to choose themes just as they will be able to choose the plugin?


I am very interested in using your cockpit.
I love the simplicity and the clean look.

Choosable themes would be amazing.
I’d also like to help improving the software but didnt learn enough about it yet.



I like your cockpit a lot too! We've been talking a lot about creating more of a minimal overlay. I think we'll all be moving in that direction soon. Also, the idea of having the option to choose cockpit themes is a good one.


I'd love to work with you on validating a theme plugins concept!



That would be awesome! :D


Hi Guys,

how can we start working on this?

What are important preperations to do in order to create a concept.

Where do we collect all the results?



do you allreade published your code somewhere, like for example git?

Did you fork the original code? Or did you do all the cahnges locally on your ROV-machine?


Check this out!