[PLUGIN] DiveAlerts


For OpenROV I have created the divealert plugin. This plugin extends the OpenROV cockpit with a system that monitors the incoming telemetry stream from the ROV and looks for data anomolies based on our exeperience in driving the ROV.

Some key features of the alerts:

  • Different severity alerts look different
  • Audio indicator of the alert for when you are not looking at the screen
  • Alerts can be easily dismissed
  • Alerts stack, they don't block one another
  • Dismissed alerts sleep for a set time, but if the root problem still persists they will fire again.
  • Can be easily extended to look for new patterns


Simply look for DiveAlerts in the OpenROV Cockpit add plugins feature in settings. (Requires OpenROV Software from the Master Branch. Not generally released yet, but the latest development image has it built in here).


Please file issues and submit improvement on github: https://github.com/BrianAdams/openrov-plugin-divealerts

Please respond to this post for discussions. I will post updates and such to this thread.


Hi Brain,

awesome work. i think the new plugin system will bring up nice features.

I'd like to dig into the coding part a bit more. To help with UI and maybe an own plugin one day.

Is there any documentation of setting up a development environment like you show in the video, so that i can start playing arround?





Videos are about half done. I should be able to post the first couple on building a plugin tonight. Look forward to all of the contributions!


I am looking forward to watch your tutorials.

Where do you publish them?


The tutorial thread on building plugins is now live @ http://openrov.com/forum/topics/tutorial-creating-an-openrov-plugin


Good stuff.

I raised a issue because it would be nice to be able to raise alerts from other plugins too.


Maybe it would mean that we had to split the actual display plugin and the thing that creats the alerts (or move the existing alerts into other plugins, like capestatus)



Hi Brian,

I downloaded the divealert plugin from your github and installed/dropped it in the /opt/openrov/cockpit/src/plugins folder so that I can modify it from the Cloud9 IDE. I added an additional watch in the divealerts plugin for leak detection in the electronics tube and I can see events firing in the console, but it isn't showing up in the main window (alerts and sounds not working). I'm running the latest image 2.5.1-95 and have attached two screenshots.

It looks like the reference/file location is the problem. Where should I be looking when I do network share? It seems that the bootstrap-growl.min.js file is missing. Is this something that gets auto-loaded when installed via the Settings->Add New Plugins route versus installing from github??



277-ScreenShot20141102at2.29.38AM.png (938 KB) 278-ScreenShot20141102at2.53.47AM.png (61.3 KB)


Hey Mike,

When installing via github, you will manually need to do a bower install of the bootstrap-growl project. They system is looking for it in the /usr/share/cockpit/bower_components folder.


Thanks Brian! This worked!


hi folks,
i can t add a plugin, no plugins are showing, and yes my computer is connected to internet, it can check updates, running last version 30.0.2

any help appreciate

best regards


As of this response, you need to use 30.0.3 pre-release or later. The system for internet connectivity broke in 30.0.2 and earlier.