Pitch thruster mounting screws


While doing some routine maintenance (spraying WD-40 on motors) I noticed the center pitch thruster black propeller seemed to move side to side a bit more than it used to. Checking the tightness of the screws I found 4 that hold the thruster and white housing under it to be a bit loose. They all needed about 1/4 turn to snug up again. Something to be aware of. I might use some blue lock-tite soon or maybe when the replacement motors are sent out I’ll do that with the install.



I would not use Loctite 243 around any acrylic parts.

Use stainless steel lock washers if you can.



Thanks! Great advise.


@balder.matt - Based on your description, I think you’re referring to the Trident ROV, not the 2.8 kit, right? @TCIII is right about avoiding Loctite around acrylic (which our kit is made from) but for the screws that hold the vertical thruster onto Trident, I think Loctite would be okay. We use a type of plastic on Trident that is pretty chemical resistant. Anyway, I’ll pass this observation along to the Trident production team and see if we can modify our procedure to make sure this doesn’t happen to others in the field. Thanks for posting about this!