Pipeline internal inspection


Hi Guys!

I am new to the forum and I am waiting for the delivery of the OpenRov 2.8! ( I have also backupped the Trident kickstarter )

As I am planning to perform an internal inspection of a 39cm diameter pipe , 60meters lenght , water depth from 0m ( starting point ) to -40m ( end point ) ,

I was asking myself if , with the standard configuration and standard tether , the ROV will be able to pull the whole 60 m tether length through the pipe .

Any feedback from your experience will be greatly appreciated !



Is the pipe full? What does it carry? What is the goal of the pipe inspection?

I’m a Civil Engineer with a background in sewers and drainage, so I have a fair amount of experience in pipe inspection and might be able to give some assistance. If infrastructure decisions need to be made based on the inspection the 2.8 isn’t up to the task - you really need a camera that can pan and tilt to get a good image of defects. Additionally, good chainage measurements are important to locate defects. Fully submerged pipe inspection is difficult as the visibility is typically awful when you disturb the sediments.


Thank you Jesse.

I still have to perform a site visit, however yes, the pipe is full of clear water and goes from the surface into a lake.

I have been told that the sediments are minimum (we will see…)…
this is just a trial to understand if the level of the data acquired is acceptable.

I was thinking to record the video using an external Gopro as well and a couple of additional LED lights.

Any word about the pull-force of the 2.8? Is It strong enough to pull 60 m of standard tether horizontally or do I need some floating on the tether?

Thank you!