Pikes in the lake



some footage from my last flight I like to share with you:

caught a nice pike (size about 50cm) on cam:

in the second video, i had some problems driving the rov, because there was to much friction dragging the tether through the lake weed when trying to follow the pike



The Northern Pike is a very cool fish, and in most places they live, the top of the food chain. They look and behave a lot like their distant cousin, the barracuda. More info here: http://midcurrent.com/science/distant-cousins/


hei @stretch, thanks for the link, nice article.
we have a lot of pikes here in the lakes and rivers. hope i get to see some of the bigger ones too!


Hello Priesen

That is some awesome footage of the Pike in action. I’m curious, where about did yo capture this (what part of the world)?

~ Charles


hey charles,

it’s a swiss pike! :smile:
here is where i was diving


That is very cool. And, learning is why I like this group, and, internet collaboration.

Silly me to think Pike was only found in our waters. I’ve grown up with Northern Pike… love the fish!

#sillynortherncanadaboy :wink: