Have the ROV up and working. Not able to take a picture. I think i just need simple instructions on how to use. I have pressed capture and the screen turns blue, but nothing records.

Help please



I'm also having the same issue. The capture button is there but it is not clickable....


My thoughts are that those buttons are for future enhancements and the video doesn't capture anything. Might use a screen capture software.


Hi All,

I also had this issue - The capture button works in an early release of the software. It seems the addition of the HUD for the compass broke the button. I removed the HUD from my Rov and the capture button works fine.


how do you remove the hud? On version 2.5?


I had a quick look at the 2.5 code last night. I have 2.4 which is very different. I’ll have to spend a bit more time getting my head around the new code structure…


It would be awesome to have a solution for it. Except without removing the HUD.

the capture button never worked for me. I started image with 2.5-01. I can see the button underneath the compass but it cant be clicked


It might be worth posting this in the Software section of the forums. That way the guys who are doing a fair bit of the software dev might be able to check it out.


Will do.


I think you consult the expert.