Phantom® T series


The Phantom® T5 is a rapid deployment high-performance ROV system that provides more power and versatility compared to other vehicles in its class. Its polypropylene chassis is resilient, non-corroding, and maintenance free. The design of its four vectored horizontal and one vertical Tecnadyne® thrusters provides significant control and propulsion in current, with abundant propulsive force to maneuver aggressively in all directions.

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You know, when there are no prices on the website, it’s going to be big bucks. 5,000, 10,000 15,000?



Probably more in the class of VideoRay or Seabotix!

At Blue Robotics ( you will always see the exact cost of what you are purchasing.

I assemble and test Blue Robotics ROVs for customers here on the East Coast.



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