Parallax Propeller - Spiritplumber Design


Board breaks out into 12 General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins which can be configured to work as servo outputs to drive motor controllers, but can also be used as inputs for sensors, connecting a serial devise (like an Arduino), or turning things on and off light LED lights. His board does all of this by ether taking in commands through an audio (yes, AUDIO) port that could be plugged into something like an Android phone, or by connecting to an Ethernet connection with the added Ethernet breakout board. In addition to all of this, the Propeller chip also hosts an IP address that can be logged into for controlling the ROV, so the user doesn't even need to download any software!

So, to review:

*12 channels of whatever you want them to be (servo output, on/off output, sensor input, serial communication, ...)
*Audio input for controlling the above listed GPIOs based on sounds from a devise like a phone headphone output
*Ethernet connection (as an alternative to the audio input)
*Hosts IP from board itself
*Reprogrammable to do whatever you want

Specs coming soon


Note that that unit doesn't have the audio jack on. In the meantime here's the schematic.

the next version will have the Ethernet module flipped around so as to save space.

Firmware to follow

Peace out!