Packing Up


We're packing up for weekend testing at Lake Tahoe. I snapped this photo of all the tools and parts we're bringing out into the field. One of the coolest parts about OpenROV is that it can easily be adjusted/fixed/tweaked out in the field. On the to-do list: put together a Field Kit Guide.


Hi David,

You appear to have packed my IMU & Depth sensor board! Please take good care of it for me :)

Hope all goes well this weekend, i look forward to hearing all about it.

Best regards,



Super excited to see how the depth testing goes. Looks like you guys got everything covered! Best of luck.


I do not see a Cooler with any refreshments.... hmmm maybe that is a good thing LOL enjoy


Packing the cooler now!!


I wonder if Dave fell off the boat yet !! :)