Outrunner part of the motor


Hi everyone.

Just Wonder... after prepairing the motors.. do you put back in Place the spring til the shaft to secure the outrunner part from "spinning of"?

I Guess that if we don't have to do this, then it is easy to just pull the out runner part of everytime we do clean it after a dive?


They don't really pull off the magnets hold stuff in place. The original c-clip will rust if you use things a lot and be a problem. If you want to add one you should get a stainless steel version. It is nice to pull the motors off and wash them after diving in salt water as well. If you are using fresh water things aren't as bad.


thanks for info. Yes, I will definitely pull them apart every time for cleaning and maintenance :)

btw, I see people tries to fill them in epoxy. I guess I could fill them up manually with epoxy or maybe TEC 7...over the wirings? (The stator and the outrunner part)


can be used under water and withstand seawater very well and is non conductive :)