Out of order controlboard25


Dear OpenROV members.

When I dry test, the controlboard25 was out of order.

At the office, it was good during all days after make done.

But yesterday I took sea trial test, it wad good at on board(dry run).

And than I let it until battery discharged (that was lunch time), after i'm back and change the battery.

That time the ROV wasn't work. I could connect with BBB. But any action can't.

I check controlboard, I found just only power LED on.(before BRX LED blink w/ PWR LED).

Could you advice to me what happen my ROV?

I can't find any cause, there's no burn, no bad smell.

Thank you.

Best regards.


Hello Jeff,

Your batteries may be too low on power. Can you charge them or put new batteries in? You should have at least 10v power to the ROV for it to run properly.




I changed new battery(it fully charged).

But it can't work.

Just only PWR LED ON.