Options for the motor protection (instead of WD40 Specialist)


Dear all,

I am in Brazil, and, unfortunately, the WD-40 specialist water resistant silicone is not imported by WD40 Brazil, just the classical version/and the white lithium grease. I would like to know if there is another option that the community have tested in order to protect the motors.

My “options”:

  • CorrosionX/CorrosionX HD (imported from US). It is supposed to work well in marine application and it is water resistent. My doubt is about the viscosity of the product to damage the motor.
  • WD40 Classic - Is it water resistant? Can I use it instead the specialist version?
  • WD40 White Lithium Grease - It is imported from US by WD40 in Brazil. Have anyone tested it on the motor? How about it? It is supposed to be water resistant.
  • Vaseline Water Repellent - An brazilian product (http://www.tekbond.com.br/produtos/detalhes.php?id_produto_cons=173) that uses vaseline. Have anyone tested it or similar products?
  • Silicon Spray - Brazilian brand of silicon spray (http://www.waft.com.br/site/productDescription.asp?cat_codRel=3&cat_ID=35&product_ID=177). Have anyone in Brazil tested it?

Regards. Paulo.


I have found this one in Brazil, Have anyone use it?


Regards, Paulo.