Optimizing the ROV, tether management


Hey there,

after a lot of testing I am pretty happy with how things are going! I have been to a couple of nearby lakes and I just wanted to share some improvements that made using the ROV a lot easier for my purposes.

  • I usually dive from the side of a lake, and the tether got stuck a lot. I added some floaters to the tether ever 2 meters or so, so the cable in general is floating on the water. So far the ROVs diving ability was not affected and the cable nicely follows the ROV also allowing some flexibility. The ROV is slightly pulled back without thruster operation, as the cable between the floaters does sink a bit. But this is also a nice security effect. The floating cable also gives an excellent overview where the ROV currently is. For the floaters i used foam from a pool noodle.

  • I finally built a tether management system that is motorized to bring back the ROV. It looks very DIY but it does the job very well. See the video too. The motor is from a broken radio controlled model car. I will add a slip ring adapter as soon as possible. IMG_1650.mp4 (7.1 MB) (sorry, video embed only works from external sites?)

My biggest problem so far is, that those lakes are not really interesting for diving. Just mud and water :smile: but I will try to dive some more interesting lake soon!

And the lasers look fantastic in those waters!


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing! Tether management works very well indeed. Very nice shot with the lasers, what did you take that with?


@zacmacc Thanks! All footage was taken with a GoPro HERO4 Silver. I am happy to share more video material, if anyone is interested!