Opportunty to dive under the ice Feb. 2018


I don’t think I will have ROVER1 back in the water by then but if anyone would like to take their ROV under the ice with a group of SCUBA divers in SW Michigan, we plan to cut a hole and do a series of ice dives on the weekend of Feb. 10-11. If you are or will be in the area and would like to join us, please respond here or contact Jim at Wolf’s Divers’ Supply in Benton Harbor, MI. at 269-926-1068.


That sounds a fun dive. How was it?


We had a winter storm come through and dump 13" of snow on us so we canceled the dive. A week or two later we had record warmth and all the ice in our area melted, then we received 4" of rain so we have been dealing with the worst flooding on record,


now that’s a lotta damage