Opportunity for Public School Teachers


One of our main goals with OpenROV has always been to make it a tool for education. We've been working on a pretty exciting new initiative to get more OpenROVs into schools, and have an amazing new opportunity for PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL teachers to receive an OpenROV kit at a greatly reduced (basically no cost to the teacher or school).

We have a limited number of teachers who can take part in this initial pilot program, but I wanted to make sure we got the message out to folks in our community first. If you're a public school teacher and want to participate, please send me an email ASAP -> david@openrov.com.




Public Schools only? Really? I'll let my public school colleagues know.


Not my rules. That's how DonorsChoose works, and this initiative is running through them.


Worldwide Schools?


Laments! Just public schools in the US.

For now! Hopefully EVERY school someday.


When will teachers know if they are able to participate in the opportunity?


Hey Peter,
I’m working in that now. There was quite a strong response!

Someone from donorschoose be following up with everyone I details about registering.



David; Just sent you an email tonight... never heard from DonorChoose. Hope I haven't missed the ROV on this opportunity. This is an awesome opportunity. (email: gravenpj@wi.rr.com).


Just confirming that this opportunity is still limited to high schools…


I'm also very curious about public middle schools participating.