Operating the Trident using a Chromebook vs Android Tablet


In your posting OpenROV Trident - An Underwater Drone for Everyone you clearly state that it uses an Android App.

And on the Trident Specs page

Works on a modern Android (minimum 5.1) device through the OpenROV App.

My questions are:

  • Where can I find this app?
  • Will it run on a Chromebook?
  • Do you have a Android Tablet you recommend?
  • What can you tell me about requirements for storage of the live video?
  • Are there any plans for Microsoft Surface Pro support?



The OpenROV Cockpit app for Android is in private beta.

You’ll have to create an account on the Google Play store. Then email support@openrov.com and request access for that account to the beta app.

OpenROV sells a JXD S192 Gamepad as their recommended controller. It works fine but I’m not pleased with the (un)readability of the display in sunlight. It also lacks an internal compass, which (as an ROV novice) I think would be helpful in keeping my orientation straight: which way is the darn thing actually pointed?

The live video is stored internally by the Cockpit app. You can export it to general file storage on the Android, and then export again via Google Drive to get it off the Android. You can also sneakernet it using a MicroSD card.



I wonder if someone could update this to explain the trick to getting the app working on a Chromebook? On mine, the app just says “searching for Trident” forever. My android tablet connects fine, and the maintenance screen tells me that the Trident’s ip is