OpenROVadiation geiger counter




So the laser is running making some 2.6 ROV internal structures and there's a geiger counter sitting on Erics desk. I decided to see about wiring it up, check out the software, etc. It looks like it just fits, but obstructs the camera movement without a custom USB cable. The headers on the OpenROV Controller board have tons of IO and it gives you power and ground all over the place too. So using one of the 3 pin headers that's an extra part in the 2.5 kit you can wire it up to 5v, GND, and D14 . If you look at the schematic available in PDF form here on page 1 you will see that D14 is not used for ROV functions. On page 5 it looks like D14 turns into PJ1 on the ATMega2560 and supports an interrupt. This pin is also UART3 it looks like so that is a bit of a waste just to get a pulse from a geiger counter...but that's OK!

So the first step is good to go, it fits and it powers up, now I just have to get to learn the art of adding geiger.cpp and geiger.h in to the loop next to light.cpp etc!


Looks like I was wrong and it needs to be moved over to D2 for an available interrupt! But the 5v and gnd pins still line up nicely.


Voltage over 200 but no radiation so that's a good sign? It's only a matter of time before I break my way to success. I am not sure what went wrong but will have to see more. At least my geiger counter section compiles and looks ok. There was a big problem for a while using <Limits.h> instead of <limits.h> apparently capitalization matters to linux. So now I just have to figure out what I broke and make sure the geiger counter section really works. Maybe start by outputting the raw count of how many hits come in before worrying about converting to uSv/h. Kotobui has nice info about geiger counter setup on this page.